Age makes it more challenging to take the proper medicine in the right amount at the right time. Even a family caregiver’s brain might spin trying to understand a senior’s intricate medicine regimen. People congregate in the Caregiver Forum to exchange helpful advice and knowledge. We’ve gathered the advice of seasoned caretakers on the goods and services that may remind an elderly persons to take their medications and assist in keeping track of their dosages.

Goods and Services for Medication Reminders

My mother’s medication schedule was reminded by the in-home caregiver we hired. The daytime caregiver would see Mom really taking her morning prescription, and I would then call each night at approximately nine and remain on the line until Mom verified she had taken her evening medications. –anonymous11306

“You may purchase a lockable, alarm-equipped medication dispenser to prevent your loved one from giving themselves too much or too little medications. It can store medicine for up to two weeks at a time. My father has one that I bought for him and that I refill every other Sunday. Since then, there has never been an issue with him taking more medicine than is required. I purchased mine for around $40 on Amazon. –Tracy1968

“Morning carers would make sure my dad took his morning medications, and he had a pillbox. To remind Dad to take his evening medications, the caretakers would post notes throughout his house. They would also leave him some tablets in a cup on the kitchen table. –free flyer

A device that may assist remember a loved one to take their medications was mentioned to me by someone. It is some kind of electronic medicine dispenser that opens the appropriate container and makes a noise or announcement when it is time for dosage. It shuts down if the tablets aren’t taken within a particular window of time, making it impossible to take them much later. Even one who connects to their phone line is available. It is programmed to phone and alert you if the medications are not taken. There are several options available if you Google “automated pill dispenser” or “electronic pill dispenser.” –JulieWI

“Medication dispensers are available that release tablets at the right moments. The drug will call and notify someone of the missed dosage if it is not taken. –tacy022

“For numerous years, my mother and stepfather utilized a pill dispenser with an alert. They found it to be incredibly appealing. –momdoesntknowme

Telemedicine is a kind of technology that administers medication at the precise moment that your loved one is supposed to take it and audibly reminds them to take their meds. When the medication is not removed from the dispenser tray, the machine may also text you or a carer. Naturally, if they are really disobedient and not forgetful, they will remove it from the tray and refuse to accept it. –IKORWPA

“For loved ones who are still in their right minds, the alarm pill box is a lifeline. For the most part, it’s a useful tool for carers. –deefer12

The Philips Lifeline dispenser is excellent, but it is expensive. Up to 10 days’ worth of medicine may be placed inside. When the scheduled time for dispensing arrives, a voice alerts the patient that it is time for medication. When the patient presses the button, a plastic dispenser containing the tablets emerges. If medications are not taken, it will declare many times before calling you. Moreover, it locks to prevent tampering with the contents. –JoAnn29


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