Your loved one could need specialized medical care on a daily basis if they just had surgery, experienced a fall, or have acquired a chronic condition. Whether your loved one can still remain at home in light of these new criteria, you may be asking how or if they can. A nurse in home health care can provide your loved one personalized, vital medical care, enabling them to stay in the comfort of their own home.

several kinds of home health care nurses

Although a range of medical specialists may provide home health care, nurses offering this kind of care generally have one of three basic nursing qualifications.

According to Sarah Jividen, RN, BSN, of, they include the following varieties of nurses:

  • Licensed nurses (RNs). Most of these nurses have an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN). RNs must also pass a license test called the NCLEX-RN.
  • professional nurses (LPNs). LPNs, like RNs, must pass the NCLEX-PN license test in order to be certified. Also, they finish a one-year program, which is often offered by a community college or technical institute.
  • Nursing assistants with certification (CNAs). An LPN or RN supervises CNAs while they are working. These caregivers must finish a four to twelve-week curriculum and pass a certification test in most states.
  • LPNs may be referred to as licensed vocational nurses in certain jurisdictions (LVNs). Some home health organizations may also refer to CNAs as home health aides (HHAs).

It’s crucial to realize that nurses may be able to manage more difficult medical treatment if they have more education and certifications. You should also take into account how long they have been providing home health care.

Whether sorts of nurses are allowed to do certain medical procedures, such as giving insulin, may be governed by state rules. When selecting the sort of home health care nurse to employ, you should be honest about the level of medical help that your loved one requires. You want someone who can provide your loved one with the degree of care they need to be healthy and at ease.

What tasks does a home health nurse assist with?

According to the American Nurses Association, nursing’s fundamental purpose is to combine art and science in a coordinated effort to assist and heal patients (ANA). A nurse who provides home health care often takes a patient-centred care approach. The job description for a home health care nurse asks for a high degree of emotional intelligence, a love of upholding human dignity, and a talent for dispensing medical knowledge with compassion.

The kinds of services that in-home health care nurses may provide are influenced by their various levels of education and qualifications.

The ANA states that RNs are capable of doing any of the following jobs:

  • medicine administration
  • support for individualized medical procedures
  • coordinating treatment with additional medical experts
  • providing health information and encouraging healthy behaviours

RNs may act as a manager over LPNs and LVNs at work. According to the ANA, they often do simpler duties like the following:

  • tracking general health for indications of improvement or decline
  • helping with routine medical duties including changing bandages
  • encouraging customers to keep healthy eating and drinking routines

administering various drugs, which may differ depending on local laws and regulations

Often, an LPN, LVN, or RN is in charge of the CNAs’ job. According to, CNAs may help with both medical and personal care responsibilities. The following is only one illustration:

  • keeping track of one’s food and drink consumption as well as other crucial details
  • assisting a customer in using the bathroom or total elimination
  • repositioning a customer or assisting a client with home navigation
  • helping a client with self-care tasks including showering, shaving, brushing their teeth, and other things

Who stands to gain from home health care?

In certain circumstances, receiving care from a home health nurse may be beneficial for elderly folks, those who are chronically sick, and those who are disabled.

A home health nurse can help your loved one recuperate and get back to their normal activities if they are suffering from a short-term issue, such as recovering after a fall or recovering from hip surgery.

Yet, a home health nurse can provide your loved one the continual assistance they need to live at home for as long as possible if they are dealing with a chronic condition like multiple sclerosis or if they have a lifelong impairment.

It should be mentioned that home health nurses may also be helpful to family carers. You must put your own health and well-being first when providing care. As a sort of respite care for your loved one, a home health nurse may be able to step in.

What is the price of a home health nurse?

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Study, the nationwide hourly median price of a home health assistant was $27 in 2021. Although this may give you a general idea, it’s crucial to keep in mind that prices vary widely depending on a number of factors, including medical requirements, the number of hours needed, the location, the home health nurse’s credentials, and more. Higher-level nurses often make more money because they have more education and certifications, which drives up the cost of home health care.

How is a home health nurse paid for?

Home health care is often prescribed by a doctor or other healthcare provider, thus health insurance frequently pays for the expenses. Your loved one will need to carefully check their Medicare plan to understand the coverage options for home health care if they have Medicare.

Home health care services can be covered if your loved one is a veteran and signed up for VA health care via the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Yet, you’ll probably have to pay out of pocket if you need a home health nurse to help your loved one with daily life chores.

How can you tell if a home health nurse is a right fit?

According to NurseJournal, empathy, communication, teamwork, and flexibility are desired qualities among home health nurses, therefore look for people who possess these qualities in plenty.

Yet when it comes to your loved one, you are the expert. The qualities that will best suit their personality and particular demands are those you know them to possess.

How to find a nurse to provide in-home care

You may either locate an independent home health nurse on your own or go via a home health care agency, which are the two major methods to employ a home care nurse.

As part of its services, a home healthcare firm often handles things like taxes, payroll, employment concerns, insurance, and more. Moreover, the organization examines its staff and confirms their credentials on your behalf.

If you decide to hire an independent home health nurse, you will be in charge of maintaining a secure workplace, abiding by all employment regulations, submitting taxes, and taking care of any other obligations imposed by relevant local, state, and federal laws. You will have to judge a person’s suitability for the position and their performance independently. Yet, employing a freelance home health care nurse could make arrangements more adaptable.


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