Wandering is experienced by sixty per cent of patients diagnosed with dementia. We have prepared a list of the greatest advice that experienced carers have to offer for detecting when an elderly person needs assistance from a third party in order to keep them safe and minimize caregiver fatigue.

Recognize When You Need to Seek Out Expert Assistance

“Unfortunately, if nighttime wandering is a regular occurrence, a senior citizen should not be allowed to travel alone, and you should not be responding to them each and every time since you need your sleep. In my perspective, overnight roaming should start to trigger the need for twenty-four-hour attendance (on the job). You could need nighttime care provided in your home, or you might need to consider being placed in a facility. It’s the most beneficial solution for both sides.” –Ismiami

Once my father started becoming restless in the middle of the night and pacing about the house, my mother moved to the guest bedroom so that she could get some shut-eye. She installed a motion detector in his room in order to be notified immediately in the event that he moved farther than three feet away from the bed (although the motion detector was adjustable and portable). She was able to refocus his attention and coax him back into bed, and eventually, both of them fell asleep as a result. Yet, as Dad began waking up anywhere from 6 to 12 times throughout the night, she became aware that she needed further assistance. She enlisted the help of a nocturnal nanny to watch after him while she got some shut-eye. Too little sleep makes it impossible for a caregiver to offer enough care while also maintaining their health. –Joleen Firek

“If you’re going to go it alone, you need to be honest with yourself about what you can do. DO NOT let someone you care about spend time alone if you are unsure of what they will do in their own company! One terrible event is all it takes to destroy a person’s life. Ensure that you have resources available to assist you. There are daycare facilities, which are also known as senior centres, religious organizations, and even in-home carers that may come and keep them company while you are gone. –Mia Madre

“All dementia sufferers are different. If you want to keep your loved one at home, you WILL need to find a means to protect the house in a safe manner and give constant monitoring. If you want to keep your loved one at home, read on. My next-door neighbour was taking care of her elderly mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. One day, her mother “escaped” out of an accidentally opened door, experienced a horrible fall in the street, and ultimately died as a result of her injuries. You will have no choice but to put your loved one into a secure memory care centre if you are unable to provide them with adequate protection at home. Anything else is too risky for us to even consider. –Carol Lynn

“If you find yourself wandering or sundowning, you should seek medical attention. A determination might be made by him or her as to whether or not your loved one is prepared to go into a facility. Should a diagnosis of dementia, sundowner’s syndrome, or wandering be made, it is probable that the individual will be eligible for placement in an assisted living facility (ALF) that has a protected “memory care unit.” Again, go to their primary care physician and become ready. Not only are good ALFs not inexpensive, but the cost of memory care units is much higher. Before choosing a facility, it is a good idea to do some research online to find ratings, reviews, and inspection reports. Your loved one may really do better at an assisted living facility that has an excellent memory care unit than they would at home. – Nowmymomsmom


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